Tuff Girl Fitness

Tuff Girl is a come-as-you-are kind of gym. Roll out of bed, grab your sneakers, and instead of measuring  what you want to lose — see what you have to gain. Strength, power, and confidence … in spades.


We’re about making women and girls realize just how strong and incredible they already are, not about fad diets or wraps or losing ten pounds in ten days. You’ll never hear us use the words “diet,” or “juice cleanse,” or “skinny tea.” But you will absolutely hear us shout “get after it,” and “you’ve got this,” and “you’re strong as hell.” We believe a bikini body is simply a body in a bikini. We believe doing things like a girl is a compliment. We’re raising girls to believe good things about their bodies, to treat themselves kindly, to chase after that pull-up or that goal or that scholarship. We believe women are amazing, and we want to help them see that for themselves.


12 Week "Mobile Coach" Nutrition Program with Lucas Serwinski starting April 21st. In this exciting 12 week program we put an end to the confusion in portion sizes, meal timing, grocery shopping, meal prep and food journaling. You'll receive structured one on one coaching with TONS of resources and tools to create success while learning how to lean out. Learn more here!

EmpowHERed: A day of self defense for women with Jarret Arthur and Jennie Trower            

Sunday, May 7th from 9am-5pm                                                       

Jarrett and Jennie will teach prevention and avoidance strategies, effective striking skills and techniques to defend against common threats. We will then put it all together in high energy drills. Come train in a safe, supportive and fun environment! Erin Brown from the Girls Gone Strong will also be in attendance and presenting. The cost is $199.  If the cost is the reason you haven't registered, you can now do a payment plan. At check out you can put in how much you want your intial payment to be, and you will have until June 6th to pay for the event in full.

Move Your Body! Family Dance & Obstacle Class Sunday, April 23rd at 10:30am. All ages are welcome. $12 per athlete (under 12 months is free). Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tuff Girl's 8th Birthday Bash is Saturday, May 6th! Complimentary classes all day long. DJ Rachel, coffee, snacks, special birthday apparel, and birthday treats will be plentiful. Come celebrate 8 years of strength and empowerment.

First class is on us! Limit one per athlete. New athletes only. Expires 30 days from date of "purchase". 

Check out our New Athlete Promotion! All new clients get two weeks (14 consecutive days) of unlimited training for only $49! No refunds or extensions. New clients only.

TUFF 101 Intro Class
An introduction to Tuff Girl for potential new clients where you learn our basics in a group of other new Tuff Girls. Interested in Tuff Girl? This is for you!
Every Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday 4/30 at 10am.

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Email our incredible support team at support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com.

This Week's Classes

Sunday: Wiped

Bringing in the FUNday to Sunday with this training that has a little bit of everything. Athletes will conquer five rounds including a dumbbell complex, partner work, and bodyweight tabatas. 

Monday: Monster

You will work through a variety of strength, metabolic, and core exercises in 1 minute intervals. Before you're done, you will make a team of 3 to complete a six minute finisher. *Great for those new to us!

Tuesday: Relentless

Six 4 minute AMRAP rounds and an 8 minute finisher make up this training. Each station consists of one core-focused exercise paired with an upper or lower body exercise. *Great for those new to us!

Wednesday: turbulence

This metabolic circuit will be over before you know it! There are 6 fast rounds that have athletes working in 20s intervals. 

Thursday: Samurai

Don't be fooled by only having to use one set of dumbbells for this entire 20 minute AMRAP. This challenging complex will have you working through a variety of strength exercises using the same set of weights. Then you'll wrap up your training with a 9 minute metabolic finisher. *Great for those new to us!

Friday: Relay

Teams of 6 will make their way through five fun 5:00 AMRAP stations. Some stations have athletes rolling the dice or flipping a card for reps, while other feature partner work. There is also a group finisher that keeps you on your toes as the flip of a card determines the exercise and reps.

Saturday: supernova

This hub and spoke training will have you working in 1 minute work and rest intervals. You will complete 3 strength rounds with your team of 10 before coming together for a fourth group metabolic round. 
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New Client Two Week Intro Offer $49
New Client Two Week Intro Offer $49

Two weeks of UNLIMITED group classes for only $49 (plus tax)!

New Clients Only. No extensions or refunds.