Tuff Girl Fitness is a private strength and conditioning facility where women come to become more. In an industry that promotes losing, we want you to gain. We want you to gain strength, power, confidence, self-esteem, body love and appreciation. We want you to realize your potential for greatness, and discover how awesome you are.

We are weekend warriors, athletes, mothers, and students, all with one common desire: to give all we have, be our best, and live greatly. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, TRX, jump ropes, weighted sleds, and many other tools to help you see what you are truly capable of. 

What we do in our gym goes way beyond getting fit and strong. We help people see how amazing they are and discover their awesomeness. This awesomeness trickles over into the daily lives of the women we coach and they leave our doors to accomplish incredible things.

What are you capable of? Come find out during a complimentary week of training. You can try our group strength and conditioning classes, our Kettlebell Strong program and FMA Performance, our powerlifting/barbell program. One week on us. 

Come as you are, leave a little bit better.

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Still apprehensive about training with us? Let us put your mind at ease! Come in and meet our coaches, see our facility, watch a training in action, get a feel for what we offer, and ask any questions you might have. We also offer a Beginner/Introduction class Thursdays at 5PM.

Visits are done Thursdays between 5 and 7PM and Saturday between 7:30 and 10:30AM.

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Training for the Week

Sunday: Daredevil: 4 rounds of hub and spoke, 35/15 intervals. Do you dare enter for overwhelming amounts of core, metabolic, and strength? Of course your answer is yes... you devil, you...
Monday: Relentless: 6 rounds of 4 minute AMRAPs and a badass finisher. You will work through one main movement partnered with a core. By the end, your muscles will be pumped and ready for the finisher!
Tuesday: Matrix: 7 rounds of 8, 25/15 intervals. Get ready to enter the Tuffgirl matrix to achieve metabolic awesomeness! Each round you will bounce between two movements and make that heart race.
Wednesday: Opposing Forces: 4 rounds; rounds 1 and 3 are strength with 40/15 intervals, and rounds 2 and 4 are metabolic with 30/10 intervals. Be on your toes for this tug of war between strength and metabolic!
Thursday: Warrior: 40:00 AMRAP. Warm welcome to all powerful animals who are ready for a big day of strong! Muscle through core, throws, big lifts, and toss in metabolic of you're feeling adventurous.
Friday: Blackout: 4 rounds of 12, :45 strength and :20 metabolic. Bouncing from your strength movement to a metabolic attack... be ready to collapse... it's a beautiful guarantee!
Saturday: Relay: 5 rounds of 5 min AMRAPs. Whole lotta fun with partner work and a little bit of gamblin'


10/9 - Run the Gauntlet New Haven. Join team Tuff Girl/FMA!

10/21- Thriller!! with Karin

See the full schedule on Mindbody and email support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com with any questions


60 Connolly Parkway, Building 6A Hamden, CT 06514.

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