Tuff Girl Fitness is a private strength and conditioning facility where women come to become more. In an industry that promotes losing, we want you to gain. We want you to gain strength, power, confidence, self-esteem, body love and appreciation. We want you to realize your potential for greatness, and discover how awesome you are.

We are weekend warriors, athletes, mothers, and students, all with one common desire: to give all we have, be our best, and live greatly. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, TRX, jump ropes, weighted sleds, and many other tools to help you see what you are truly capable of. 

What we do in our gym goes way beyond getting fit and strong. We help people see how amazing they are and discover their awesomeness. This awesomeness trickles over into the daily lives of the women we coach and they leave our doors to accomplish incredible things.

What are you capable of? Come find out during a complimentary week of training. You can try our group strength and conditioning classes, our Kettlebell Strong program and FMA Performance, our powerlifting/barbell program. One week on us. 

Come as you are, leave a little bit better.

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Still apprehensive about training with us? Let us put your mind at ease! Come in and meet our coaches, see our facility, watch a training in action, get a feel for what we offer, and ask any questions you might have. We also offer a Beginner/Introduction class Thursdays at 5PM.

Visits are done Thursdays between 5 and 7PM and Saturday between 7:30 and 10:30AM.

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Training for the Week

Sunday: Mayhem
Strength, TRX, & Metabolic
4min AMRAP * Partner Work
Monday: Everest
Strength with Metabolic Finisher
6min rounds * Teams of 5
Tuesday: Warrior
Strength & Metabolic
40min AMRAP
Wednesday: Blackout
Strength & Metabolic
45s strength & 20s metabolic * Teams of 5
Thursday: Athena * New Workout!*
Strength with Metabolic Finisher
Friday: Matrix
Saturday: Power Playground
Obstacle Course


The JungleGYM Family training class is THIS Saturday, May 7 from 11-12AM! Register on Mindbody. $10 per athlete. Ages 4 and over please.


60 Connolly Parkway, Building 6A Hamden, CT 06514.

CT Now - Best of New Haven 2015
Tonight we have a #TRX themed #tipsfromtuffgirl πŸ‘πŸΌ So many athletes have access to a TRX at home or their gym but don't know how to use it. Here are a few of our favs here at Tuff Girl. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ TRX chest press- set up with your body straight and tight with the straps hovering over your arms. Your abs glutes and quads should all be engaged and you should be on the balls of your feet. Pull yourself down into the press and then drive up strong to return to the starting position. 🚫Don't let straps rub on arms. TRX facepull- set up on your heels with abs glutes and quads tight. Keeping knuckles up and elbows high, drive the handles back toward your temples squeezing the upper back. Slowly extend your arms maintaining tension and return to starting position. 🚫 Don't let elbows drop. Keep them in line with wrists. TRX hamstring curl- Lie face up on the floor with your feet in the stirrups. Drive heels down hard into the stirrups and pull your heels towards your hips. Slowly straighten legs and return to start. Hips off floor is more challenging and a great goal. πŸ’₯ TRX Plank/Saw- Set up shoulders over wrists pushing hard against the floor. Pull belly button towards sternum, flex feet and slowly push yourself back keeping abs, glutes and quads tight. If you feel your back dropping or you lose tension, hold the plank and work up to saws. 🚫 Don't go too fast and don't lose tension. TRX squat and pull- Set up on an angle leaning back into straps. Pull yourself down into the squat (don't drop or "fall") and explode back to start as you drive your elbows back strong. Extend your arms as you descend into your next rep. 🚫 Don't come up off heels. Drive heels hard into the floor. πŸ‘πŸΌ Work in a 5-10 rep range for 3-4 sets. Have fun! πŸ’ƒ #tuffgirlstrong #fittips #fitgirls #trx #row #press #squat #plank #core #getstronger