What We Are

Tuff Girl is so much more than a "gym." We like to call ourselves a communitiy of awesome, committed to helping women realize their potential for greatness.

Because women are unique and different (and we LOVE that!) you won't see a "type" at Tuff Girl. We look different, we have different lives and struggles, and we are at different places in our journey towards health and fitness. But we can agree on one thing: we want to become more. We want to become fitter, stronger, faster, more empowered, and have fun along the way.

What To Expect

Women of all shapes and sizes sweating it out together. 

For your first class, come in your regular workout gear and sneakers. (Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving and sweating in!). You can bring a water bottle or buy one at the front desk. No other gear is needed.

Check us out on Instagram for glimpses of our classes, email to schedule a tour and meet our team, or sign up for our two week new client intro offer!

It's ok to be scared! Be brave, show up, and we will support you the whole way through.

Questions & Answers

Is Tuff Girl for me?

You do not have to be an athlete or be “in shape” to train at Tuff Girl. It’s OK if you’ve never even picked up a weight before in your life. We do ask that you show up and treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. We do ask that you give whatever you have on that given day, and have some fun in the process. We do ask that you trust us and take our advice. (We want to safely help you become even more awesome. Sounds good, right?)

If you have injuries that limit your range of motion and certain medical conditions, we might not be the best place for you to train. Feel free to send an email to support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com if you think that might be you.

How old do I have to be to train at Tuff Girl?

You must be 15 years or older to participate in our group training.

Do I have to start with an Intro Class?

No, but you are welcome to start there if that makes you feel more comfortable. In our TUFF 101 introductory classes you will learn the basic movements we perform in our group classes. You will be in a group of five new athletes (or less) and spend one hour working with one of our amazing coaches. You will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions, take breaks whenever you need them, and work at your own pace. We will also be able to suggest modifications for any movements that give you trouble. 

What can I expect during a training session?

A lot of sweat. A lot of fun. A chance for you to realize how amazing you are!

Ok, for real. Every coach performs the same warmup at the start of class. This warmup includes breathing, rocking, crawling, and other things to prepare for the awesomness that is to come. The coach will then review the training for the day and explain the movements. Then, you will form magical teams and soar and crush through the 25-40 minute training. Every class finishes with a cool-down, dance session and applause. (Just kidding about the dance sessions. Although we do dance from time to time.)

How long are classes?

You can plan on being with us for a total of sixty incredible minutes. (Many tell us it's the best hour of their day. Not kidding.)

How many clients are in a class?

Each class can hold up to thirty amazing animals in it. This is why we need you to pre-register for every class. (Thanks a bunch for doing that!

Do you offer any discounts?

Sure do! We offer a 15% college discount. Please email support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com to set up a plan with our student discount.

What is your schedule?

We offer so many classes (about 100 per week!) so it would be confusing to list them all here. To see our full schedule, go HERE

What do I need to bring?

An amazing attitude for starters. Electrolyte enhanced water and super drying towels are not necessary, but welcome if you want to bring them. But for real, please bring water (we sell it if you need some, must stay hydrated!), and please make sure your shoes are clean, dry and have no dirt (or other dirty things) on them. We work so hard to keep our gym clean, and no one likes to plank in poo. We suggest training in flat soled training shoes, not in running sneakers or any sneakers that have a lifted heel as they can make lifting those heavy weights tricky. You are welcome to train barefoot or in socks if that is what you prefer.

Where does training take place?

Our amazing facility can be can be found in the Wilbur Cross Commons Business Park behind the Bed Bath and Beyond/CVS plaza off Dixwell Ave. Our address is 60 Connolly Parkway, #6A, Hamden, CT. We are the driveway after the CVS plaza on your left if you are coming from Dixwell Ave. We are located half way down on the left once you enter the business park. 

Can I train at Tuff Girl if I am pregnant?

Yes! Current research suggests strength training during pregnancy is safe for most women when done correctly, even if you are not currently strength training. We also offer custom prenatal and postpartum training programs at no additional charge to any current member.