Tuff Girl Fitness is a private strength and conditioning facility where women come to become more. In an industry that promotes losing, we want you to gain. We want you to gain strength, power, confidence, self-esteem, body love and appreciation. We want you to realize your potential for greatness, and discover how awesome you are.

We are weekend warriors, athletes, mothers, and students, all with one common desire: to give all we have, be our best, and live greatly. We use dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, TRX, jump ropes, weighted sleds, and many other tools to help you see what you are truly capable of. 

What we do in our gym goes way beyond getting fit and strong. We help people see how amazing they are and discover their awesomeness. This awesomeness trickles over into the daily lives of the women we coach and they leave our doors to accomplish incredible things.

What are you capable of? Come find out during a complimentary week of training. You can try our group strength and conditioning classes, our Kettlebell Strong program and FMA Performance, our powerlifting/barbell program. One week on us. 

Come as you are, leave a little bit better.

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Still apprehensive about training with us? Let us put your mind at ease! Come in and meet our coaches, see our facility, watch a training in action, get a feel for what we offer, and ask any questions you might have. We also offer a Beginner/Introduction class Thursdays at 5PM.

Visits are done Thursdays between 5 and 7PM and Saturday between 7:30 and 10:30AM.

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Training for the Week

Sunday: Karin's Sunday Surprise
Dance Party!
*No dance experience necessary. :)
Monday: Opposing Forces
A little bit of everything in this one friends! Work opposing muscle groups in 45 second intervals. Then take on a metabolic quickie to jack up your heart hate working in a 30 second interval. And then do it all again. :)
Tuesday: Atlas
In a 5 minute AMRAP round you will work through three exercises varying in strength, metabolic and core.
Wednesday: The Matrix
Get your blood pumping in this fast paced metabolic circuit. You will work in a team of three and take on 20 seconds of work at a time. This class is not idea for beginners or de-conditioned athletes.
Thursday: Going Rogue
Three seven minute AMRAP rounds working through a trio of strength and core movements and topped off with a fun and fast paced 11 minute metabolic finisher.
Friday: Destroyer
Fast and furious! Working in a team of four athletes will work for 30 seconds doing a metabolic, TRX, core or strength movement for a total of four rounds of awesome.
Saturday: Triple Threat
Three teams crushing three ten minute rounds. You will get a mix of strength, core, metabolic and power movements.


See the full schedule on Mindbody and email support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com with any questions

*New Haven Road Race Sept. 5th/ 8:15am

*Vino & The Beast Sept 18th 


**Team Name Tuffgirl/FMA*** (heat starts at 1:20pm)


60 Connolly Parkway, Building 6A Hamden, CT 06514.

CT Now - Best of New Haven 2015
Tempo to techno. 💥⚡️ We ❤️ banded tempo goblet squats to teach out athletes how to: ✔️ Get tight and engage their core using a kettlebell in a high goblet position 👍🏼 ✔️ Drive out and spread the floor (to get more tension and so knees don't cave in) using a @perform_better mini-band above the knees 👏🏼 ✔️ Use a 3-2-3 tempo to get them to slow down and avoid dropping and bouncing in and out of the squat. "Pull" yourself down on a 3 count, hold at the bottom for a two count, and slowly come to stand on a three count. 💪🏼 Give it a try! 🎉💥 #tuffgirlstrong #squats #tipsfromtuffgirl #fittips